First things

For more than a week I have thought about the first post on this blog. In that post I had to introduce myself, write something about my interests and maybe tell the reasons why I started this blog. That first post seemed really important, just like other first things. The first day of high school, the first kiss… Afterwards the second, the tenth or maybe the thirtieth time were often better than that first time. I am sure that will be the same with blog posts. But sometimes the first time really is the best. Therefore three of my favourite first times:

1. Reading a book for the first time
I read and love books for as long as I can remember. Opening a new book and being introduced in a new story is without question the best first thing. It is kind of exciting. You do not know if you are going to like this story. Maybe it is going to make you cry. Maybe it will be the best book you ever read.

2. Watching a disaster movie for the first time
My boyfriend and I share a love for movies about tornadoes, overflowing cities and sinking ships. Those movies are always excited and often have characters you want to cheer for. Sometimes I watch them more than once. Some of my favourites are Flood, San Andreas and Poseidon. But the first time, when you do not know the ending yet, disaster movies are the best.

3. Eating new food for the first time
The second time I eat something I really liked the first time, it is almost never as good as I remembered (except for pancakes). Nachos are delicious, but not as good as that first time I ate them in Guatemala.


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