Bookish habits

Bookish habits

Inspired by Samantha from Where’s My Bookmark, I am going to talk about my reading habits. Maybe these habits are unique to me, but they are probably recognizable!

When choosing a book to read, I use the summary on the back and listen to recommendations from book bloggers, family and friends. I do not plan when and what to read. Though I do have a shelf with unread books and some wishlists on Book Depository (xx, x). It may sound strange to some people, but it is not uncommon for me to read two or three books at the same time. Usually it is a fiction and a non-fiction book.

If my book is good, I can read it almost everywhere. Although I prefer the quieter spaces above rooms full of chattering people. But I do have some favourite reading spots:

  • When traveling with the train, especially on long journeys homewards.
  • In the garden, when it is sunny weather, not too hot and quite important, windless (with wind reading is somewhat harder).
  • With a sleeping cat on my lap and a cup of tea withing reach.

When I am not reading, I use a bookmark. But if there is no bookmark on hand, I sometimes use a random peace of paper. I do not dog-ear pages. It just feels not entirely right to fold pages of my books on purpose (although I do not mind other people doing it with their own books). When I finish my book, I note the title, author and the grade I give it, in my reading journal. Most of the time I try to finish books. Incidentally I make an exception for books I do not like after reading more than 100 pages. Even then, I often keep the book, so I can try to finish it later.


One thought on “Bookish habits”

  1. This is great! Also, thank you so much for linking back.
    It also isn’t strange for me to read more than one book at a time. I’m a bookmark person through and through (hence the name of my blog, lol).
    That’s interesting that you don’t plan on what you read. I think a lot of people try to pick their TBR for the week/month. I see lots of people share their photos, etc. I only do it when I have library books or ARCs.

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