Back to the Future Book tag

Although I am not tagged, I saw this nice tag on Drizzle & Hurricane Books. I am not such a big fan as Marie, but I do like the Back to the Future movies. By the way, did you know that the future Marty travels to in the second movie already “happened”? It was on October 21, 2015. Now back to the tag ūüėČ

Name a book/movie/show that makes you want to go back in time when you were younger and enjoy it all over again.

Book: I am going to cheat here, and choose a bookish moment instead of a book. There used to be a library very close to where I lived. Almost every Saturday I went with my mother, and sometimes my brother, to this library. Every time we spent around an hour browsing books. Then we borrowed as much books as possible. I used to check out such an high pile of books, a boy once asked me if I really was going to read them all.
Movie: Definitively Mulan. I saw this movie so many times as child. I used to sing along with all the songs, and could mimic big parts of the movie.

What’s your favourite sci-fi or fantasy book/movie/show?

Book: I read a lot of awesome sci-fi and fantasy books! But my all-time favourite is (as you probably already know) the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy by Laini Taylor.
Movie: The Shrek movies are amazing! They never fail to make me laugh.
Show: I am going to interpret show as tv-series, and choose my latest favourite: The Last Ship. This is a exciting series set in the future in which the crew is searching for a cure to stop the virus that wiped out a big part of the human population.

Shrek 2

What’s a moment in a book that takes place in the past or future that you’d like to visit?

There are a lot of books set in the future I definitively do not want to visit. I am currently re-reading World War Z by Max Brooks, and I would do anything to avoid a visit! But to visit the steampunk past in Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, and fly with the airship would be pretty cool.

What’s a fictional store, cafe, etc. in a book/movie/show you’d like to visit?

Without doubt, Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter series. Of course I would like to visit the bookshops, especially Flourish an Blotts. I would also take a look in Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, the joke shop from Fred and George.

Map of Diagon Alley
From Pottermore

Name an automobile or a way of travel in a book/movie/show that you’d like to take for a ride.

Flying a dragon like Eragon in the Inheritance Cycle books by Christopher Paolini would be incredibly cool!

Favourite fictional scientist?

Initially I thought I did not know any fictional scientist, but when I thought about it I came up with two. I like Temperance Brennan from Bones, because she is an forensic anthropologist and I have studied cultural anthropology. Abby Sciuto from NCIS is another favourite, because she is someone no one expects to be a forensic specialist.

Temperance Brennan and Abby Sciuto

I tag everyone who likes to do the Back to the Future Book tag!


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