Fictional worlds I would like to visit

My absolute favourite thing about fantasy is the fact that everything is possible. A world with different time zones (The Glass Sentence by S.E. Grove), a school for criminal masterminds (H.I.V.E. by Mark Walden) or whatever you want. There are fantasy worlds I definitively do not want to visit, but some of them would be a great holiday destination! Here are four fantasy worlds I would like to visit:

Fictional worlds I would like to visit

1. Lyra’s world from His Dark Materials
First of all to I would like to find out what kind of daemon I have. I have wanted to know this for years! But Lyra’s world itself is also an amazing place: it has witches and steampunk elements like the airship of Lee Scoresby.

2. Middle Earth from The Lord of the Rings
Who wouldn’t want to visit this world? It has a lot of history and places literally out of this world like the cozy Shire and the beautiful city Rivendell.

3. Fantastica from The Neverending Story
This is basically one of my childhood dreams: stepping in the book I am reading. It would be amazing to be able to do everything you wish! In Bastian version of Fantastica I would like to meet Falkor the luckdragon and visit the ivory tower.

4. Oz from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
I vividly remember the beautiful illustrations in a Dutch edition of this book. Oz would be a nice place to visit with many magical creatures I could meet.

Of course I did not mention the fantasy worlds from books I have not read. But there are probably lots of books on my TBR-list that deserve a place in this list. I am really curious about the world in Every Heart a Doorway and I also need to read A Darker Shade of Magic to discover all the Londons! So many books, so little time!


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