Seven blind dates with a book

A lot happened since the beginning of this year, personal as wel as political. I  could not find the motivation to write a blog post. Originally I did not plan to write a Valentine post for Top Ten Tuesday. But then I saw this lovely post on Book Riot and I decided to set up my own blind dates. So just click on the description of the book you would like to date.

A blind date with a book

A feel-good book with a sense of adventure seeks a reader who thinks (at times) that people are better in books.

Exciting science-fiction book is looking for a reader willing to set sail in a conceivable futuristic world.

Young adult novel set in a unique world is looking for a reader fond of maps.

Beautiful story that feels like poetry seeks a reader who loves a powerful protagonist with a tough life.

An extraordinary love story seeks a reader who is not afraid of a thought-provoking novel.

Young adult fantasy book would like to find a reader who likes to read about a pickpocket with a quest

Novel in which two lives intertwine seeks a reader who is ready to read about some dark days in history.

Now grab some chocolate and make yourself a cup of tea, and start book-dating. Let me know how your blind date turned out!


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