Literary Dinner Party tag

I love the idea of a dinner party with book characters! I wasn’t tagged, but I found this tag on youtube. It’s created years ago by NEHOMAS2. In celebration of Wyrd & Wonder I have chosen only characters from fantasy books.

The rules: you must invite 11 guests, and there must be one from each category.

1. One character who can cook/likes to cook
Some fantasy books feature delicious food, but it isn’t always clear who made it. That’s why I couldn’t think of a character… But I do know that hobbits love to eat. So I guess they are also good cooks. I would like to invite Samwise. I’m sure he will do his best to make a delicious meal for us.

2. One character who has money to fund the party
Most of my favourite characters in fantasy books aren’t very rich. But I just read Royal Assassin and I loved Kettricken. She is a tough princess who would do anything for her people. As part of the royal family she has the money to fund this party.

3. One character who might cause a scene
As a thief and professional trouble-maker Locke Lamora will probably shake things up.

4. One character who is funny/amusing
A character that made me laugh multiple times while reading The Lunar Chronicles is Thorne. Initially some of the other guests may not like him. But he is so hilarious that he could make them laugh anyway.

5. One character who is super social/popular
I wouldn’t call him super social, but Lazlo from Strange the Dreamer is so kind that everyone likes him. He can also tell great stories.

6. One villain
This twelve year-old criminal mastermind kidnapped a fairy to hold for ransom. So I can invite Artemis Fowl in the category villain, right?

7. One couple – doesn’t have to be romantic
I want to invite my favourite couple: Zuzana & Mik. They brought light in Karou’s dark life in Days of Blood and Starlight. I’m sure they will brighten up the party too.

8. One hero/heroine
So many to choose from! I’ll go for Lyra from His Dark Materials.

9. One underappreciated character
Almost no one in Whichwood appreciates Laylee. She is the only mordeshoor left. Her job is to wash dead bodies and prepare them for the afterlife. That’s important work. She’s also just thirteen. But she barely gets paid and no one in town wants to help her. Laylee definitively deserves an invitation to this party.

10. One character of your own choosing
I would love to meet Luna Lovegood! She so nice and quirky. I admire the fact that she doesn’t care what everyone thinks of her.

One character of your own choosing - Luna

Consider youself tagged if you like to organise your own literary dinner party!


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