Top four fantasy stand-alones

Today’s Wyrd and Wonder theme is mic drop, we are encouraged to talk about stand-alones or books you wish didn’t have a sequel. Most fantasy books are part of series. It’s great to be able to read more about well-loved characters when I have finished a good book. But I also love it when the whole story is wrapped up in one book. The advantage of a standalone is that you get one story from beginning to end. No disappointed sequels or waiting for the next book! Here are some fantasy stand-alones I loved to read.

Top four fantasy stand-alones

1. The Neverending Story by Michael Ende
This is a childhood favourite and a book I still love to re-visit. It’s about a boy named Bastian and a strange book set in Fantastica. This world needs a human to save it. While reading Bastian is able to go into the book. He not only becomes part of the story, but is also able to shape it with his imagination. That’s probably a dream of many bookworms!

2. Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
This book is a wonderful historical fantasy. In 1920s Mexico Casiopea is forced to work for her grandfather and cousin. She desperately wishes to go away and have her own life. It’s seems impossible, until she finds a curious wooden box in her grandfather’s room. By opening it Casiopea accidentally frees the Mayan god of death. This is the start of a journey through Mexico, but with deamons and magic.

3. Circe by Madeline Miller
This is a retelling about the witch Circe from Greek mythology. She is a strong, interesting and complex woman. I loved that the focus is entirely on the character development of Circe. The story is also beautifully told. I have a basic knowledge of Greek mythology, and I am not particularly familair with it, but it was interesting to learn more about the Greek myths with this book!

4. Spellbook of the Lost and Found by Moïra Fowley-Doyle
This book explores the theme of loss. It’s about characters losing small and big things and characters who seem to be a little lost themselves. When they find an ancient spellbook, it may be a chance to get everything back. I loved how the beautiful writing style in this story helps to create a mysterious atmosphere in which we are never sure if the magic is real or not…

What is your favourite fantasy stand-alone? Tell me in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Top four fantasy stand-alones

  1. The Neverending Story is one of my favs too! The Princess Bride is another and I know the Goblin Emperor will become one of my favs as well (when I complete it).

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  2. I love Circe and Gods of Jade and Shadow! Moïra Fowley-Doyle is an author I really want to try – I have All the Bad Apples waiting for me on my bookshelf. 🙂 Some of my favourite standalones are The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison, Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik, Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller.

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