February 2021 wrap-up

February was quite a busy month and it went by fast. I only managed to read two books. Although one of them was quite big (more than 700 pages) I still hoped to read more books. But there are still enough months in the year to read more books!

This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstonereread
In four words: poetic, gorgeous, intriguing, complex
What I liked: I felt I didn’t entirely get the story after reading it last year. So I decided to reread this book. I still love the creative ways in which time travel agents Red and Blue send each other letters. I think I did get to know Red and Blue better this time. First it was hard to keep them apart. Now I know Blue is the poetic one. I discovered that she quite often uses lines from famous poets like John Keats and Lord Byron. Red is more rational and analytical. Because I knew what to expect, the story was easier to follow. The plot also made more sense.
What I disliked: At some points I wished the story was less vague. Time travelling is never explained. The worlds we visit aren’t thoroughly explored, we only get impressions from the different strands. Yet, this is also what makes the book intriguing. So I’m not sure if a change would really improve the story.

The Mammoth Hunters (Earth’s Children, #3) by Jean M. Auel3 stars
In four words: vivid, very detailed, slow-paced
What I liked: Just like the first two parts of this series, it’s clear that this book is well-researched. The many details and extensive explanations make it totally believable that this story actually happened 35,000 years ago. Due to the slow pacing I could totally emerge myself in the world of Ayla and Jondalar. In this part, it was especially interesting to read how the Mammoth Hunters live. Because Ayla is also unfamiliar with the customs of the Mammoth Hunters, in a natural way everything is explained to the reader as well.
What I disliked: Although I think the slow pacing fits the story, it also slowed down the story. Some of the landscape descriptions could definitively be shorter. The plot bothered me too, because it was mainly based on a misunderstanding between Ayla and Jondalar. It took a very long time before this was solved. At a certain point it really started to annoy me. If they just would have talked to each other, a lot of problems could have been avoided… (sighs).

Blog posts I liked in February
Here are some blog posts from other bloggers I liked:
Margaret @ Weird Zeal announced the Women’s History Month Readathon 2021, in which I’m going to participate!
CW @ The Quiet Pond recommended 20 Black Science-Fiction and Fantasy Books as part of Black History Month
Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books introduced Book Blogger Talk on her blog and the first topic in this new feature is the future of book blogging

2 thoughts on “February 2021 wrap-up

  1. I really want to reread This Is How You Lose the Time War at some point too, since the first time round I was so confused that I wasn’t fully able to appreciate the beautiful writing. Still loved it though!

    I’m so excited to that you’re participating in the Women’s History Month Readathon! 😀 Hope you find some fantastic books out of it!

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