Wyrd & Wonder 2021: TBR

This will be my third year of Wyrd & Wonder! During May I’m going to celebrate all things fantasy: from book and movies to podcasts. Wyrd & Wonder is a challenge hosted by Imryl from One More, Lisa of Dear Geek Place and Jorie from Jorie Loves A Story.

There’s a list of prompts we can use. I especially like that we are challenged to focus on fantasy from around the world! You can definitively expect a post from me about fantasy inspired by non-European cultures. I also have some reading goals. Here are the books I hope to read:

The Bone Witch trilogy by Rin Chupeco
I read the first part two years ago. In my opinion the pacing was a bit too slow, but the world building was amazing. Wyrd & Wonder seemed a good opportunity to continue the trilogy. I already have The Heart Forger at home. If I like it I will also buy The Shadowglass.

Dragon Bike: Fantastical Stories of Bicycling, Feminism, & Dragons edited by Elly Blue
Bikes in Space is a short story collection about feminism and bicycles. The idea to combine these things in a story is really creative and original. So I was immediately curious when I heard about the Bike in Spaces series! Most books in the series are science fiction, but the book I’m going to read this month is of course fantasy.

10 thoughts on “Wyrd & Wonder 2021: TBR

  1. Hallo, Hallo Anouk,

    I kicked off my readings this year with multicultural Middle Grade Fantasy novels – “Dalya and the Magic Ink Bottle” is about a Turkish American girl who travels to Istanbul with her workaholic father which leads her on a fantastical journey courtesy of the Jinn whereas within “The Marvelwood Magicians” it is about a travelling family of artistes who perform at fairs and circuses – the accents in the audiobook for the parents and the ringmaster were absolutely brilliant!! Dalya’s story is Magical Realism but I felt the Marvelwood’s were more Urban Fantasy.

    I’ve always enjoyed seeking out #diverselit but as a sensitive reader, I sometimes have trouble dodging all the violence in Fantasy (hence why I gravitate towards MG & YA stories) which is why I love seeing what others are reading during #WyrdAndWonder as sometimes I get lucky and find authros I can read myself. I have such an eclectic round-up of stories this year (Children’s Lit, Adult, print, audio, short stories, etc) I think I might have a little bit of everything for everyone funnelling into my blog this year.

    Welcome to your third year with us!! #sohappy You’ve enjoyed the adventure and continue to want to share your adventures with us. I know I’ve seen the Dragon Bike book somewhere before — its the kind of title that stands out you know!? I look forward to seeing your thoughts about it as I thought it looked brilliant myself. I tried the Bone Witch series but it wasn’t my cuppa, that was a few years ago. The premise hooked me but the content was a bit much for me. I hope you’ll enjoy it more.

    Have a wonderfully fantastical May!!

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  2. I hope Bone Witch works out for you the second time around, I’ve got Shadowglass planned for Wyrd and Wonder too. The first volume definitely has odd pacing, for me it was mostly because I found the secondary timeline more interesting than the main story, but that really balanced out in book 2.

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