The Ancient History Book Tag

It’s a couple of months ago since I did a book tag. So when I found this history-themed book tag @The Biblioshelf, it seemed perfect for a blog post. It’s originally created by Books Michelle on YouTube.

The Stone Age: one of the first books you remember reading

I read a lot as child, so it’s hard to tell which book I read first. It’s a pity that I can’t remember the first book I entirely read by myself. But I do remember loving the Dutch books Hebbes by Carry Slee, Lena Lijstje by Francien Oomen and Brief voor de Koning (translated as The Letter for the King) by Tonke Dragt.

Ancient Greece: your favourite myth-inspired book (doesn’t have to be Greek mythology) or retelling

I haven’t read many books that are inspired by a myth and I don’t read a lot of retellings. But I did enjoy reading The Lunar Chronicles. Every book is loosely based on a fairy tales. The first one is inspired by Cinderella, the second one is based on Red Riding Hood, the third is inspired by Rapunzel and the last one draws inspiration from Snow White. My favourite is the third part, because I really liked Cress as main character.

The Roman Empire: a book featuring an impressive empire or kingdom

The books from Robin Hobb have a fascinating magical world that is explored in different stories. It has interesting history involving dragons. The Realm of the Elderlings actually includes multiple kingdoms and countries, among others the Six Duchies, the Mountain Kingdom and the Rain Wilds. I already read the Farseer Trilogy and the Liveship Traders. I’d love to see more of this world with the Rain Wild Chronicles.

The Middle Ages (or the Dark Ages): a book that is an absolute bummer

After reading The Library Of Shadows by Mikkel Birkegaard I wanted to read more books by this author. But his second book, Death Sentence, was a huge disappointment. The main character was terrible and I hated the ending. This is one of the very few books I gave only one star.

The Renaissance: a book that you’ve learned a lot from, or that made you think

The Little Paris Bookshop - Nina George

I chose The Little Paris Bookshop, because this book made me think and reflect on my life. The main character shares interesting ideas about themes like (lost) love and death. It has many beautiful quotes.

The Industrial Revolution: a book featuring an invention or concept that you would love to have in your own life

I would love to have the ability to read book characters to the real word. This concept can be found in multiple books: Inkheart, Tilly and the Bookwanderers and The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep al have character with this ability. It sometimes does cause some problems… But it would be amazing if I could talk with my favourite book characters.

World War I & II: your favourite historical fiction book about the World Wars (or if you don’t have one, your favourite historical fiction book in general)

The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

I actually haven’t read many books about the First World War. I do know a lot of good books about the Second World War. The Book Thief is definitively an all-time favourite. It’s a beautifully written story that kind of broke my heart. It has one of the most unique narrators I’ve come across: this story is narrated by the Death himself.

Present Day: a book everybody should read in present day according to you

I think there isn’t one book everyone should read. A book I loved and learned a lot from can be boring for someone else. I do want to recommend everyone to read diverse. So read books with characters that are black, gay, trans or disabled!

4 thoughts on “The Ancient History Book Tag

  1. So glad you did this tag! I totally need to start reading Robin Hobb, it’s one of those classic Fantasy empires that I haven’t yet sunk my teeth into! I’m dying to read the Lunar Chronicles too because I love fairytales so much. Great picks, I’m glad you had fun!

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  2. It’s so strange, I was thinking about doing a Book Tag just this afternoon. Haven’t done one in ages! YEA!!! Will try to get to this one some where over the weekend.

    The Book Thief is a great choice for the 2 world wars.

    Elza Reads

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