October 2021 wrap-up with a new favourite book

It’s already October, time is going fast! I didn’t read a lot, but the two books I did read were really good! Here are my spoiler-free thoughts about them:

This Vicious Cure (This Mortal Coil, #3) by Emily Suvada4 stars
In four words: ingenious, complex, satisfying ending
What I liked: I finally finished the This Mortal Coil trilogy! This last part was a bit different than the other two books. It has multiple perspectives instead of one narrator. Because of spoilers, I won’t get into detail. But I think the multiple perspectives were a good choice. There are also a couple of unexpected plot twists and interesting character developments. The book is definitively a satisfying series ender. My favourite thing about this trilogy was the world building. It’s ingenious and fascinating! Gene-hacking and other complex technology play a big role in all parts. I can’t say I totally understood it, but that’s why it was believable.
What I disliked: A year ago I read the second part. The third part doesn’t really has a recap, so it took a while to catch up with the story. Because I forgot some details from the other parts, I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I would have liked.
Trigger warnings for graphic violence, torture and gore

Next to the trilogy, there’s a short story called These Precious Scars. It’s a prequel with five perspectives. I didn’t think it really added something to the story, but it’s a nice read. You can read it for free on Riveted. I recommend to read it after the first part.

The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles5 stars
In four words: bookish, moving, engaging, well-researched
What I liked: I bought this book at Shakespeare and Company during my trip to Paris. It was the perfect book after my visit! Half of the story is set in Paris during the Second World War. We read about Odile and her work at the American Library in Paris. Life in occupied France is hard, but the staff manages to keep the library open. I adored how much the librarians valued books and I admired their loyalty and dedication to the library. Especially because the story is based on real people and events. Next time I am in Paris, I definitively want to visit the American Library! The chapters narrated by Odile are alternated by chapters about Lily who lives in Montana in the 1980s. An older French woman called Odile lives next door. Lily knows little about her neighbour and decides to interview her for school.
What I disliked: I cannot come up with any demerits. It was simply a good book!

Good Stuff in October
  • The highlight of my month was my visit to Paris. You can read everything about it in this blog post.
  • I went to the 4D version of the James Bond movie No Time To Die. It was the first time this year I went to the cinema and also the first time I experienced a 4D movie! Just like the other James Bond films I’ve seen it’s an enjoyable, action-packed movie with a flimsy plot. But I was pleased about the fact that the movie has multiple women with important roles.
  • On the podcast The Land of Desire I listened to a story about Choupette, the spoiled at of Karl Lagerfeld. It’s just a short episode, but I found it hilarious!
  • I’m already looking forward to SciFiMonth in November! I will post my TBR soon.

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