Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag 2022

Just like every year in June, it’s time for the Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag. It’s the moment to reflect on the books I read so far. In numbers, I have read 15 books; 7086 pages in total. At the end of the year I hope to have read 36 books, so I’m a little behind. But I’m sure I will catch up this summer holidays. Let’s get to the questions.

Best book(s) you read so far?

  • Black Water Sister: humorous and a somewhat creepy story about a lesbian girl who is haunted by her sassy, dead grandmother
  • The Embroidered Book: magical version of the lives of Marie Antoinette and her sister Charlotte that’s still very true to history
  • The City of Dreaming Books: imaginative story set in a city where everyone and everything is about books

Best sequel(s) you’ve read so far?

I haven’t read any new sequels yet. I did love my reread of The Illuminae Files.

New releases you haven’t read yet, but want to?

  • The Diamond Eye: historical fiction with a premise that sounds very intriguing: ‘”an unforgettable World War II tale of a quiet bookworm who becomes history’s deadliest female sniper.”
  • The Paris Bookseller: based on the life of Sylvia Beach who established Shakespeare and Company, a famous bookshop in Paris I visited last year.
  • She Who Became the Sun: not that new, but every one seems to have read this historical fantasy book except for me.

Most anticipated release for the second half of the year?

The Book Eaters by Sunyi Dean: it’s about people for whom books are food and this sounds fascinating!

Biggest disappointment?

The Killing Moon was not a bad book, but I expected to like it more.

Biggest surprise?

I didn’t expect that the first book I read this year, Black Water Sister, would immediately become a new favourite.

Favourite new author? (debut or new to you)

After reading The Embroidered Book I would love to read more books by Kate Heartfield!

Newest favourite character?

I really came to like Marie Antoinette and Charlotte from The Embroidered Book. Charlotte is a confident and ambitious queen, while Antoinette tries her best to make everyone love her. They are well-written characters and felt like real people to me.

Book that made you cry?

I didn’t cry, but the last part of The Embroidered Book did make me feel really sad.

Book that made you happy?

The City of Dreaming Books made me smile a lot, because it’s a love letter to books and reading. The story is also funny and really enjoyable to read.

Most beautiful book you’ve bought so far this year (or received)?

I again choose The City of Dreaming Books, because it has beautiful illustrations. I received this book for my birthday from my parents.

What book(s) do you need to read by the end of the year?

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