Home Sweet Home: 3x Comfy Science Fiction

One of the reasons why I love to read books is that they form an escape from daily problems and worries. Books can be a comfortable hiding place. So for today’s SciFiMonth I listed the most comfy sci fi books I read.

The long way to a small, angry planet by Becky Chambers
Not only this first part, but the whole Wayfarers series could be described as “feel good science fiction.” The book does have a nice plot, but it isn’t very important. It’s all about the characters.  And the best thing is that these characters just accept each other for who they are.

Soulless by Gail Carriger
This steampunk book constantly made me smile or even laugh out loud. It has a witty writing style that fits the story perfectly. The main character is also amazing.

On the Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis
This book is set in the Netherlands, where I live. Therefore it’s a familiar setting. What makes the book unique is the narrator: Denise is a biracial girl who has autism (just like the writer). This was an interesting point of view I don’t see often in books.


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