Characters of the Year Book Tag – 2022

The previous years I really enjoyed doing this tag, so here it is again! The Characters of the Year Book Tag is created by Amanda from A Brighter Shade of Hope, but I can’t find the original. This time it was quite hard to come up with characters for some categories. I read barely any books with male main characters. Choosing a couple was hard without giving away spoiler. But after some pondering I was able to fill every category.

Characters of the Year Book Tag – 2022 part 1

Favourite male character of the year: Leemet
He isn’t the most likable, but I do think Leemet is the most memorable and interesting male character I read about. The Man Who Spoke Snakish is set during the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture. Many people try to persuade Leemet to leave the forest and to come live in the village. I appreciated how he keeps holding on to his own values.

Favourite female character of the year: Elizabeth
The main character from A Room Made of Leaves is a based on real letters from Elizabeth Macarthur. Before reading the book, I didn’t know her. As a character I came to love her. I like that Elizabeth is able to stay positive and hopeful when her life is hard.

Most relatable character of the year: Jessamyn
Although I’m not an American girl moving back to Malaysia, I know what it is to have trouble finding a job after college. I could also relate to the relationship Jess has with her mom in Black Water Sister. But fortunately I’m not haunted by my dead grandmother…

Couple of the year: …
There’s a bittersweet romance in Gracelin O’Malley I really liked. I won’t name them, because I don’t want to give any spoilers for the book. But if you read the book you probably know which couple I mean.

Villain of the year: Ah Ma
Jess’ dead grandmother in Black Water Sister is an interesting villain. It all starts with a strange, sassy voice Jess hears in her head. This appears to be Ah Ma, a grandmother she never met. Ah Ma forces Jess to revenge an old enemy. She even uses Jess’ body at some point. And convincing a ghost to leave your head isn’t easy.

Most disliked character of the year: Monty
I’m sorry for fans of Henry Montague a.k.a. Monty, but he was the reason I almost quit reading The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue. He is selfish and only seems to care about alcohol and sex. Monty does make some character changes during the story, but I still didn’t came to like him.

Royal of the year: Marie Antoinette
The Embroidered Book was amazing! The story is based on the real lives of Marie Antoinette and her sister Charlotte, but now they have a book of spells. Especially Marie Antoinette has quite a bad reputation in history. I liked how the book reconstructs history and shows us why she may have been just a young woman trying her best to fulfil her role as queen.

Sidekick/non-main character of the year: Booklings
For this category I didn’t choose one character, but a group of creatures from The City of Dreaming Books. They are said to be dangerous. Yet Booklings are actually small creatures that each choose one author and memorise all their books. I absolutely loved them!

Sibling of the year: Franny and Jet
Each of the Owens children from The Rules of Magic have a magical gift. Franny can talk to birds and Jet can read people’s thoughts. But it doesn’t always feel as a gift to them. It means that they are different and will always stand out. The feeling that you are different is familiar to me. I liked to read how each of the siblings dealt with it.


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